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Conversion Rates

SecureMon™ intelligent video analysis solution can provide a detailed analysis of customer habits throughout the store. See below typical reports which can be customised to your needs.

Further we can also integrate the security cameras into your point-of-sale system capturing and overlaying all data which can then be transmitted as a live update of current sales.

SecureMon™ intelligent video analysis technology can also assist to:

  • Increase knowledge and understanding about conversion rates and their trends. The ratio of retail transactions in a specific time period can be compared against the number of store visitors. This knowledge can be used as a simple means to enhance profitability.
  • Experiment and evaluate varying conversion rate improvement strategies
  • Compare one store’s conversion rate against other stores
  • Distinguish and reward high-achieving stores, employees and managers
  • Help low-performing stores to re-evaluate goals and map progress

See below one of our many store conversion rates reports which can be customised to your needs:

Daily Conversion Rates