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SecureMon Video Detective V4.1 offers real-time viewing of cameras and instant intelligent alerting without people monitoring each camera. This is similar to having many people sitting in the control room monitoring each camera and then instantly reacting upon seeing an incident. Obviously this is at a much lower cost than with people plus computers don’t take tea breaks, no penalty rates and are alert 24/7.

SecureMon Video Detective V4.1 incorporates a variety of analysis components including elements such as:

  • Anti-Loitering (e.g. Predators hanging around toilets, doorways etc)
  • Anti Graffiti/vandalism
  • Detecting Vehicles entering/leaving areas in wrong directions & over speed detection
  • Blocking driveways, vehicles parking too long, etc.
  • Secure Zone Penetration (e.g. areas no one should be in after hours)
  • Virtual Fencing (e.g. climbing over fences, theft, etc.)
  • Object Removal - Protecting valuable assets.
  • And many more...

Upon an event occuring the system can instantly alert via email, SMS etc. including options such as sending an alert with a picture of the incident as it's occuring. SecureMon can also integrate the alerting with Alarm Panels, LED Road Signs, PA speakers etc.