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About Us

SecureMon™ designs, develops and installs intelligent video surveillance solutions. Our clients include small businesses, major corporates and industries. SecureMon™ is a full-service company. We also offer Alarm installs, remote monitoring and patrol responses both on-site and virtually from our control room.

Further, our engineering development involves the ongoing monitoring of the rapid changes happening in the surveillance field. As a result of this, we have come across a vast range of products that may help improve your business. (See our Highlights section)

Why buy from SecureMon?

  • Integrated solutions that are not tied to specific vendors.
  • These integrations are often complex and purchasing from us help minimise your risks.
  • Analyse your environment/ requirements and come up with the most cost-effective to meet your needs.
  • Maintain and support all the equipment we supply.

Challenge us to find a solution to meet your needs !!!