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Aerial Photography

Imagine a cost-effective and time saving solution that enables you to fly around and get a real feel of the landscape before you begin the design process. Well now can. Simple open the truck of your car, pull out your personal reasonably priced Quadrotor flying machine and within an hour you can have your own survey or inspection videos. Frequent survey whenever you need.

Traditionally these are done by specialists with small hot air balloon or model aeroplane specialist to do a fly over. We at SecureMon™ have put together a cost effective and easy to use solution that enables the architect/designer/engineer to quickly conduct his own site survey or inspection report.

Standard model helicopters are very difficult to fly, however, Quadrotor is a lot easier to maneuver. The average user with limited experience can have the Quadrotor flying stable with only a few hours experience. The Quadrotor comes combined with onboard camera that is easily controlled by various devices including your iphone. As well as being use for site survey, the system can also be used to inspect building both internally and externally (High quality stand-alone inspection cameras are also available). A user can quickly do a fly over, record videos and review these at his convenience. As well as practical work application, this system is also enjoyable to use. There are a variety of solutions with different cameras available.

Typical applications include:

  • Overall site photography
  • Viewing outside/inside the buildings without the use of a boom
  • Roof/Gutter inspections
  • Façade inspections

For more on some of these excited products, especially the accuracy and the level of control, you can view the following videos Parrot AR.Drone or Aeryon site.

There are a variety of solutions with different cameras available. We at SecureMon™ because our extensive experience in the video field can provide you with the physical demonstration and practical advice. For further details, please call us on 1300 726 549.

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