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Inspection Cameras

Ideal for anyone in architecture, building, maintenance, etc.

We have a range of cameras which enable easy inspection of hard to get to areas. The cameras range from those with flexible goose necks to those on poles all the way through to those that enable you to view inside the smallest of openings.

Typical applications include:

  • Quick solution for buildings or pre-construction investigation.
  • Viewing the area above ceiling tiles in most buildings and no need to return to site with a ladder.
  • Viewing above gutters and roof tops without the use of a ladder.
  • Viewing inside plaster wall, cavities and similar.
  • Viewing inside structure cracks when minimal penetration damage is important.
  • Determining the situation of the ceiling, such as beams, pipes, ducts and cabling.
  • Viewing outside the buildings without the use of a boom.
  • Viewing under the floor. ie. termite inspection.
  • Minimal damage to inspecting behind marble cladding.

The images can also be recorded for later review/reporting. The cameras are also self-illuminating for inspection of low light areas.

There are a variety of solutions with different cameras available. We at SecureMon™ because our extensive experience in the video field can provide you with the physical demonstration and practical advice. For further details, please call us on 1300 726 549.

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