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SecureMon™ provides a range of highly sophisticated integrated security platform from a variety of manufactures. Organisations may require the full integration of access control, video surveillance and intrusion detection.

Our systems are used by many industries, from small businesses to large corporate.

There are many options that can be incorporated into the system.

Access Control includes:

  • Keypads, Readers, Intelligent lifts, Door controllers, Cards, Fobs, Wireless remotes, etc.
  • Biometrics: (ie, fingerprint, iris and more...)
  • Intrusion Detection: range of different sensors - glass breaks, motion sensors, seismic sensors, vault sensors, and magnetic contacts.
  • Surveillance Security Cameras: integrated into the system and respond to an access control event or intrusion event.
  • Device Control: activate and de-activate air conditioning, lights and other functions.
  • Intrusion Detection: range of different sensors - glass breaks, motion sensors, seismic sensors, vault sensors, and magnetic contacts.
  • System Management:
    HR/Payroll administration of an organisation can export employee attendance data from the system.
    Visitors can be managed with re-programmable temporary access cards.
    The system can be also remotely managed with PC software.
  • Licence Plate Recognition



SecureMon™ provides intelligent video analysis technology that assists in biometrical authentication, including face, fingerprint and iris recognition. This technology is capable of identifying people based upon one or more inherent physical features.


  • Replacement for entry swipe cards to gain admittance to restricted buildings or areas
  • Secure confidential and restricted computer files
  • Verify, identity and prevent blacklisted individuals from gaining entry
  • Isolate and identify an individual from a large crowd of people

Additionally, although face recognition technology is commonly known to be capable of identifying an individual from a large crowd of people, the technology can also be used with a high degree of reliability to provide access to restricted areas.

How it is accomplished

To enable people to be identified biometrically, their physical characteristics are registered into the technical biometric system, for example a fingerprint, a snapshot of their iris or their face measurements - width of a nose or distance between eyes. This information is then converted into a numerical algorithm or code and stored in a database. To authenticate or ascertain a person’s identity, their biometric characteristics need to be recaptured and processed into a numerical code. This newly captured code is then compared with the codes pre-stored in the database with matching codes accomplishing identification.

Licence Plate Recognition

Licence plate recognition (LPR) technology detects, reads, analyses and stores information about vehicle number plates by using optical character recognition technology and a CCTV video surveillance system. The SecureMon™ solution also utilises infrared lighting so that images can be captured at any time of day.

An enhanced image of the number plate, the text from the number plate, and the date and time of day images are registered. This information can either be captured for real-time or future idenfication purposes. A second camera can be placed to take a picture of the driver. Brochure

LPR technology has many applications:
  • Regulate and control access to car parks or border crossings, and admit cars with approved number plates
  • Display on screen photos of the usual driver
  • Assess traffic flow and count vehicles
  • Facilitate gate management processes and ensure that visitors sign in and out when entering or exiting sites
  • Match shipping containers transported by trucks with the truck’s number plate
  • A marketing tool to log frequent visitors or patterns
  • Point – to – point journey time measurement.
  • Point – to – point vehicle speed measurement to calculate average speed.