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SecureMon™ designs and installs high-quality burglar alarm systems to suite your environment. Burglar alarms protect your assets whilst your premises are unoccupied. Further it is possible to determine when and where intruders have broken in. Our system can also be remotely monitored or we can send an alarm directly to your phone. When combined with our CCTV system, you can even log into your cameras and view you premises before deciding whether to send out a patrol.

Intruders can be detected by a combination of detection devices throughout your premises. These devices include the following:

  • PIR (passive infra red) detector
  • Door and window devices (wireless or fixed) eg. Magnetic reed switch
  • Smoke and thermal detectors
  • Glass break sensors
  • Vibration sensors
  • Duress and hold-up alarms eg. Panic button


To minimise false alarms, we only use the highest quality components, eg. multi-trigger devices.

Smokecloak devices reduce losses in the initial minutes of a break-in by flooding the room with a fog so buglers cannot see what they are doing and leave the premises. The system will continue to top up the fog for up to several hours.