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SecureMon™ provides advanced video analysis solutions that offer additional capabilities other than security benefits:


Intrusion detection

Licence plate recognition

There are many other applications which can be implemented with our solutions including:

  • People & object counting
  • Jump-to-event capabilities
  • Parking violations
  • Speeding or other driving offences


Motion & Intruder detection

SecureMon™ video surveillance solution is able to alert security personnel when unusual or unauthorised movement is occurring in a camera’s field of view. The technology can be programmed to filter out any normal motion, for example paper falling onto the floor. This reduces the frequency for security personnel to intervene andminimizes the cost of an inconvenient alert if nothing unusual has occurred.


Perimeter security

SecureMon’s integrated security solution can define virtual zones around perimeter boundaries. Movement within virtual zones or a breach of perimeter security triggers an alert in delayed or real time as configured by the user.


Electronic fence integration

‘Smart’ fences coupled with a security system comprising of cameras and exclusion zone technology provides a robust and reliable integrated security solution. ‘Smart’ fences, when it detects physical contact against it, provides a real-time alert warning of a possible intrusion or break-out. The closest camera can zoom in on the potential security breach and initiate recording.


Licence plate recognition brochure

Licence plate recognition (LPR) technology detects, reads, analyses and stores information about vehicle number plates by using optical character recognition technology and a CCTV video surveillance system. The SecureMon™ solution also utilises infrared lighting so that images can be captured at any time of day.

LPR technology has many applications:

  • Regulate and control access to car parks or border crossings, and admit cars with approved number plates
  • Display on screen photos of the usual driver
  • Assess traffic flow and count vehicles
  • Facilitate gate management processes and ensure that visitors sign in and out when entering or exiting sites
  • Match shipping containers transported by trucks with the truck’s number plate
  • A marketing tool to log frequent visitors or patterns
  • Point-to-point journey time measurement
  • Point-to-point vehicle speed measurement to calculate average speed
  • And more...