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Industry Applications

SecureMon™ intelligent video surveillance technology can be uniquely utilised in specific industry applications, including:


Point-of-sale (POS) Terminal Integration brochure

The POS application integrates with existing POS terminals to deliver complete local and remote security management. The POS system expands the video functionality of a DVR surveillance system to specifically address the needs of loss prevention. Transactions keyed into POS terminals can be concurrently recorded and superimposed onto the corresponding footage recorded by cameras of the physical transaction. Additionally, details of these transactions are automatically entered into a separate database, enabling more advanced search capabilities.

If business owners wish to confirm the legitimacy of certain transactions, owners can choose to view video footage of certain incidents that they deemed to be bogus. Specific incidents, for example “transactions greater than $20”, “all credit card transactions” or “no sale transactions” can be selected from the database and the footage can be viewed. This footage also serves as evidence in prosecutions of credit card theft or fraud as there is video footage of the culprit. More...

Occupational, Health and Safety (OH&S) – Exclusion zones

SecureMon™ integrated security solution can define virtual zones around building, facility or asset perimeters. Movement within these virtual zones activates an alert in delayed or real time as configured by the user. These capabilities would be particularly useful in an industrial environment to facilitate occupational, health and safety policies and prevent unauthorised personnel from accessing or approaching hazardous equipment. Examples of this includes monitoring forklift and pedestrian only areas.


CareMon™ is focused on solutions (technologies, service models, etc) which deliver new and improved services at lower levels of the health pyramid. Thus the resource demands placed on higher level medical services are reduced. Leveraging new technologies and processes represents the best possible method for reducing spiralling healthcare costs, meeting increasing demands and making healthcare more accessible to those least able to access it.

CareMon™ concentrates on leveraging a wide range of technology (e.g. sensor networks, etc) and transmission methods (3G or wireless) to enable the above goals to be achieved.

The SecureMon™ / CareMon™ PT 200 is a camera that can remotely monitor children, elderly parents, the sick and the disabled who wish to live independent lives. You can remotely view and move the pan/tilt camera round from anywhere via the Internet or 3G mobile.


Hotel: Beer/Spirit/Liquid Metering

SecureMon™ announces the latest product in their Intelligent Security Surveillance range introducing the Drink-O-Tracka, which fully integrates with the SecureMon Range of DVRs.

Key Features:

  • Monitor Sales
  • Reduce shrinkage
  • Optimise profit


There are two versions available:

  • Tracks the amount of liquid flowing through any pipes, so ideal for monitoring beer lines etc.
  • Liquor tracking solution uses RFID-enabled pour spouts that monitor liquor use and wirelessly transmit information on every ounce that is free poured.


This information is also sent to the video surveillance system enabling you to use our artificial intelligence system to instantly review the video recordings and rapidly assess any discrepancies between the amount of alcohol served and the amount of money taken.

We at SecureMon™ because our extensive experience in the video field can provide you with the physical demonstration and practical advice. For further details, please call us on 1300 726 549.