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Object Detection

Missing objects

SecureMon™’s video surveillance solution enables users to detect when property or assets have been removed suspiciously and to identify the culprit. Users direct the object detection technology (ODT) to search for the specific item at the approximate time it was last seen. The ODT captures an image of the item and searches through recorded footage to ascertain the exact disappearance time, eliminating time-wasting efforts to manually trawl through recorded footage.

Abandoned objects

SecureMon™’s intelligent solution can distinguish abandoned objects. SecureMon’s abandoned object technology, when programmed to target objects of a certain size and shape, comprehends when a person has entered an area with an object resembling the pre-programmed object specifications. When the person has moved away from the object, the technology monitors the object for a predefined time limit. Once the time limit is breached, an alert is sent to security personnel.