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Business Benefits

SecureMon™ intelligent video analysis technology provides many business benefits, some of which include the cost-effective management and assessment of:

Customer traffic

  • Simple and fast access to accurate data and information about people and customer traffic within and external to a retail store
  • Calculation of queue wait times
  • Distinguish peak sales periods occurring throughout the year, week or day so that staff can optimise their sales routines based on precise data
  • Identify popular selling items and the combination of items purchased by customers
  • Monitor a consumer’s behaviour patterns within store

Conversion rates

  • Increase knowledge and understanding about conversion rates and their trends. The ratio of retail transactions in a specific time period can be compared against the number of store visitors. This knowledge can be used as a simple means to enhance profitability.
  • Experiment and evaluate varying conversion rate improvement strategies
  • Compare one store’s conversion rate against other stores
  • Distinguish and reward high-achieving stores, employees and managers
  • Help low-performing stores to re-evaluate goals and map progress

Store layout & location

  • Compare the effectiveness and success of one store’s layout against the performance of other stores
  • Analyse suitability of store locations
  • Evaluate each store’s conversion rates based on their locations


  • Adjust and optimise staff rostering and allocation across all locations or stores based on customer flow data so that labour efficiencies are acquired
  • Determine whether extra staff impact conversion rates and the optimal staffing ratio of staff to customers
  • Improve staff behaviours

Store advertising and promotion effectiveness

  • Assess the success of different marketing and promotional efforts and schemes
  • Appraise the success of a store’s visual merchandising, layout and design in enticing consumers to visit
  • Implement proactive measures to correct ineffective promotional campaigns, repeat successful marketing strategies or create new promotions
  • Examine the effects of product line alterations
  • Determine inventory needs and make better decisions about stock and merchandise replenishment issues decisions